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About Swanson

A Family Tradition and Mission

Joseph Swanson is living a dream. His late father, Clifford Swanson, dreamed of having a family owned business that could be successful while helping promote Christian principles and family values.

The elder Swanson brought the dream to fruition in 1935. With his faith, resolve, hard work and the support of his family, the founding father started a company that sold printed Christian materials and gift items out of a small room above a grocery store in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Slowly, the fledgling company began to make a name for itself, and one success led to another success and then to another. In 1951, the elder Swanson moved his family and the business to St. Petersburg, Florida.

The youngest son, Joseph Swanson, purchased the business in 1963 and moved it the same year to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to be better located geographically. The business made a former church its home.  

Thinking he could operate from the location for 5 or more years, with God’s blessing of quick growth, Joseph realized he needed a larger building before those 5 years. He chose a property on Park Ave and built a building twice the size needed and leased half to a local business. This became the beginning of Swanson Developments. 

Swanson Christian Products legacy lives on today with Clifford’s grandchildren acquiring the business from Victory Christian Center in 2019. Carmel and Adam are actively involved with the day to day operations, and Debby and Joe Jr. advise on business practices. 

Swanson Christian Products includes manufacturing and distribution of Christian products. The youngest of Joseph Swanson’s children, Adam has overseen this operation since 2000. What began as a dream in a single room atop a store in Pennsylvania is now several diversified companies doing business around the world from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Our mission at the Swanson Companies is to help you build your future and turn your dreams into reality through professional service and personal relationships that have helped our company grow through its 85+ year history while daily applying the Biblical principal:

In all that you do bring glory to God.

1 Peter 4:11


Swanson Companies

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